Both Caribbean and Bahamas appeal to many visitors and are perfect for those seeking of an easy getaway to sun, sand and sea. Offering many activities, including water sports, swimming and scuba diving in azure waters and presenting a delicious local cuisine, they are considered as the most famous cruising destinations in the world. Swim in the warm turquoise waters of the Virgin Islands, let the soft waves touch your feet in Nassau or play with the lovely pigs in the magnificent Pig Beach! 



Saint Barthelemy or St. Barths is a French – speaking Caribbean island, included in the Leeward Islands. It is widely known as a hotspot among the elite of the world. The harbor of Gustavia is framed on one side by super yachts and on the other side by luxurious restaurants, elegant hotels and designer boutiques. The island is home to unique beaches, each one with her own personality, such as Shell Beach, known for the unique shells that wash up there, Flamand Beach with the shadow of the palm trees among the coast and Grand Cul-de-Sac with the calm, shallow waters protected by a coral reef and ideal for snorkeling. 





The Virgin Islands are an archipelago in the Caribbean sea, situated 40-50 miles east of the Puerto Rico. The islands are administered in two groups - the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands - and attract numerous of tourists each year to enjoy swimming in warm turquoise waters and experience a true paradise. The landscape of the islands offers an amazing combination of cliffs and mountains along with coral reefs and sandy beaches. Some of the most popular islands are St. Thomas with the beloved Magens Bay beach, and St. John island, which is full of forests and valleys, preserved as Virgin Islands National Park.  



If you imagine long beaches with white sand and deep blue turquoise waters, Nassau, the capital of Bahamas, is what you are looking for. Visit Cable Beach and take a walk, leaving the soft waves of the ocean touch your feet or take your significant other and swim at Love Beach. In Nassau, you can also find unique diving spots to explore the tropical marine life. And for the adventurous ones; swim with wild turtles and sharks!! As Nassau was home to many pirates in the past, a stop at the pirate museum is a must!





Antigua is the perfect start point for your Caribbean charter! Featuring 365 coasts – one for every day of the year – with white sand, palm trees and calm, crystal waters, she offers a breathtaking view of the ocean. Delicious seafood, amazing cocktails and incredible sunsets can compose the charter of your dreams! Each year, the island welcomes numerous worldwide brokers for the Antigua Yacht Charter Meeting held in the English Harbor, where amazing super yachts are lined-up for inspection. Some suggestions of Antigua’s best beaches are the half moon – shaped Carlisle Bay, the Darkwood beach framed by colorful shacks and the well-hidden Coco Bay with the elegant resort.



Pig Beach is the ultimate escape in Bahamas. Part of the Exuma Cays it is about an uninhabited island, which is famous for the pigs and piglets that live there. Accessible only by boat, you will definitely enjoy feeding and swimming with the small and cute animals (be careful of the bigger ones!) and not only this. Caress a stingray and catch a starfish with your snorkeling equipment and explore the vibrant marine life. Prepare your camera and catch the moment! 



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