Rocky landscapes, antique cities, medieval castles and unspoiled bays contrast with the vivid lifestyle in this part of Turkey! The South coast of the country has a lot to offer, from coastal villages with local delicacies and boisterous oriental bazaars to modern bars and lavish resorts! The visitors can choose among various activities such as a visit to the famous waterfalls in Alanya, a relaxing Turkish bath in Bodrum or explore the natural beauty of Datca. Fethiye is one of the Turkish seaside hot spots!



The lively resort and yachting port of Bodrum is the perfect stop during a cruise to South Turkey offering a great opportunity for shopping and town viewing! One of the attractions in Bodrum is the magnificent Castle of St Peter with splendid sea views! Enjoy a traditional Turkish bath in Bodrum Hamami and taste the exquisite Turkish cuisine in the local restaurants.    



Alanya, the jewel of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, offers a cosmopolitan mix of a lively nightlife with many bars and elegant restaurants. Also, presents an ancient culture with medieval streets and castles! Some of the many attractions in Alanya are the Roman ruins at Side and the famous beautiful waterfalls at Manaygat.



Datca gives the opportunity to experience the real rural Turkey! This quiet town, surrounded by nature, with many unspoiled bays such as Hayıt Bükü and Ova Bükü which are ideal for relaxation, make Datca a perfect cruising destination! 



Bozburun captivates every visitor by its peaceful environment and natural scenery. This small and picturesque seaside town in southwestern Turkey with the wooded mountains and coastal villages is known for the tasteful thyme honey!

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