The islands of the Indian Ocean, like the Maldives and Seychelles, present dazzling beaches, crystal clear waters and luxury accommodation for the visitors. The Maldives is a picturesque archipelago with little islands across the ocean and a favorite destination for couples and honeymooners! The Seychelles islands on the other hand, offer diverse type of beaches, other with white sand and palm trees and other ones with more rocky sceneries, yet still very impressive. 



Maldives is a diamond in the Indian Ocean, truly worth visiting at least once in your life! Just imagine waking up surrounded by long white sandy coasts, palm trees and crystalline waters on your own overwater bungalow or Villa! What’s more, the colorful coral reefs, the luminescent from phytoplankton waters and the beautiful sunset views! Charter a yacht and enjoy a glass of champagne staring the sparkling horizon of the ocean and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Still not convinced? 



Seychelles is a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, consisting of 115 islands with exceptional beaches and lush vegetation. Enjoy swimming in azure blue waters, sunbathe on the powdered white sand and explore unique plant and animal species, including the green sea turtles, the giant tortoises and rare endemic birds, as the islands are also home to seriously amazing jungles! And what about the food? Absolutely tasty! Fresh fish, seafood and traditional creole dishes, influenced from Africa, China, Europe and India! 


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