Charter guide

Yacht Charter

Once our Charter team will receive your enquiry with the dates that you prefer, we will propose you a list of yachts we believe that will meet with your requirements. As soon as the yacht has been chosen, and all details such as the rate, the embarkation and disembarkation ports, the exact dates etc. have been agreed between all parties, we will proceed with the signing of the charter contract.

Contract and payment terms

The type of contract that is used is produced by M.Y.B.A. (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association). The parties that will sign the charter agreement are the Owner of the yacht, the Charterer and the broker(s). To confirm the booking, the payment of the 50% of the charter fee (1st installment) will be required. The balance of the charter fee plus VAT (if any), the APA and any other agreed expenses such as delivery/redelivery fees (if any), security deposits (if any) etc. will be requested to be paid one month prior to the embarkation date.

What does the charter rate include?

The charter rate includes the yacht hire and yacht insurance, the crew and crew insurance. The brokerage commissions are also included on the charter fee.

Which are the charter additional expenses - What is A.P.A. ?

The charter rate does not include the guests' food, drinks and beverages, fuel consumptions, gasoline for the water's toys, the VAT, any local agent's fees, and any communication's fees. Laundry is also not included on the charter fee, unless otherwise has been agreed. For these additional expenses, the Charterer will be requested to pay an extra amount called APA (advanced provisioning allowance) which is usually the 30-35% of the charter fee. The crew can then prepare the vessel in advance, in terms of fuel and food provisioning. The food and drinks' selection is based on the preference sheet that the Charterer will be asked to complete. The captain who will be responsible for the use of the APA will inform the Charterer at the end of his charter (or during his charter) for the APA balance presenting all possible receipts. Should the APA finish before the end of the charter, the Charterer will be requested to make extra payment. If there is a refund, the Captain will reimbursh the Charterer with the relevant amount cash and prior to his disembarkation.


The VAT is different from country to country therefore, varies depending on the cruising area. The Greek VAT is currently 12% on top of the charter fee and 9,2%  for the commercially registered yachts.

For any local VAT's or further information, please do not hesitate to e-mail our charter team: