Blessed with beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, yet with a cosmopolitan character, the Cyclades will guarantee to the visitors a travel experience of a lifetime! Presenting rocky landscapes, picturesque windmills and traditional chapels, the Cyclades are the ideal getaway destination for friends, couples and families, attracting every year numerous visitors.

Most famous islands are Mykonos (most known beaches are "Psarrou" and the popular "Nammos" restaurant, Kalo Livadi, Paragka beach, etc.), Santorini known for her breathtaking cliff views and spectacular sunsets, Milos island popular for the amazing beaches such as "Kleftiko" and the cosmopolitan island of Paros. A historical magnet is also the small island Delos; the mythical birthplace of God Apollo. Not to be missed is to experience the natural beauty and colours of the "Small Cyclades" Koufonisia, Schinousa, Donousa and Iraklia, which present a natural unspoiled scenery and amazing waters for swimming.

The Cyclades are easily accessed, as most of the islands offer airports with various flight connections. 



Kythnos is a beautiful island situated in the west part of the Cyclades, boasting a selection of charming beaches, ideal for quiet and relaxing moments. The most impressive beach is Kolona, where the sea wets both sides of the sand strip, creating two golden sanded beaches. The Monastery of Panagia Kanala is the island's worth visiting sightseeing, while Chora and Driopida, are the most popular villages with picturesque alleys and nice restaurants. 



The island is popular for the well organized crystal clear beaches and for the top restaurants, offering high-end services to the visitors. Mykonos guests can choose between a cosmopolitan beach like Psarrou, famous for Nammos beach-restaurant or relax more privately in Lia beach, enjoying nothing but the sound of the sea! Mykonos presents also numerous five star hotels, such as Santa Marina Hotel and Belvedere Hotel, as well as many luxury private villas that are available for rent. Other hot spots are the Panormos beach and the Scorpios restaurant, both ideal for sunset cocktails and delicious food! Next to Scorpios is located the Paragka beach, where you can enjoy sunbathing! Mykonos also offers an Airport with several flights, attracting many celebrities of the international Jet set! Dilos and Rineia, two close islands with transparent waters, should also be visited!



Paros is located in the heart of the Cyclades. She consists of two main villages; Paroikia and Naoussa. Kolymbithres beach with the artistic rocks of granite, sculptured by the wind and the salty water, and Golden Beach are the "must go" bays for swimming! The island attracts every year an important number of tourists, not only for her natural beauty but also for her elite restaurants and diving centers, ideal for the most active visitors! For the fans of extreme sports, we definitely suggest Santa Maria Beach with the crystal clear waters! Not to be missed, the picturesque village of Lefkes and Monastiri beach! Paros is also famous for her vivid nightlife, so don't forget to try new cocktails at Barbarossa restaurant in Naoussa!



Naxos is the largest and greenest island of the Cyclades, located between Paros and Mykonos. She represents the Cycladic architecture with the white buildings, the narrow marble alleys, the old churches and the Venetian castle in Chora, the capital of Naxos. The island sometimes is quite windy, therefore becomes ideal for the windsurfers and kite surfers! Naxos has the reputation of a family island, yet in fact she has many worth-visiting spots. For the fans of diving, the sea around Naxos is full of reefs and wrecks. Some of the island’s best beaches are Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Mikri Vigla and Plaka! Not to be missed: a visit to the Marble Gate of Portara, the two Giant statues of Kouros and to the temple of Apollo, the Greek God who protected music and poets.



Part of the Cyclades but away from their cosmopolitan air is Polyaigos, the biggest uninhabited island in the Aegean. Its name means "many goats", but the island is home to many more rare species, like the Mediterranean Monk Seal of Monachus Monachus. The untouched from human presence natural beauty, the pristine sapphire waters, the protected from the winds bays and the mysterious caves, make this island look gorgeous in front of your eyes. The rocks that consist actually of white pumice, reflect on the water creating an impressive view, while the lighthouse that lies on Cape Maskoula, is the perfect spot to watch the stunning sunset!



Milos is part of the Cyclades islands, mostly popular for her impressive white-yellow beaches. She is home to a dormant volcano and she consists of over 70 beaches, most of which are truly spectacular. Due to the eruption of the volcano, millions of years ago, multiple rock shapes have been created, that's why a visit in Sarakiniko beach for swimming and Kleftiko bay for relaxation, are not to be missed! One of the most unique beaches is Papafragas beach, a cove with waters that change colours depending on the weather and the light, and is surrounded by tall cliffs and caves with dark waters. Visitors can also explore the archeological local museums and traditional villages like Klima, a tiny fishing village, known as the "little Venice of Milos" with the colourful house doors and Tripiti village with the catacombs and the windmills. And when the evening arrives; Go to Plaka's church, Panagia Korfiatissa, and watch the stunning sunset!



What a beautiful island with vivid nightlife and amazing beaches! Mylopotamos is ideal from a morning coffee to a late evening cocktail at the plentiful beach bars along the coast. Manganari is a beautiful bay that will captivate the guests with the crystalline blue waters, while Gialos with the golden sand, is ideal for some moments of serenity. If you are looking for some privacy, visit Tris Klisies beach on the south part of the island. The protected from the winds bay is a perfect place for diving. A visit to Odysseus Elytis Theatre and to the ancient poet’s, Homer, tomb on a hill with an incredible view, are some of the island's best spots not to be missed. And the highlight during your charter; watch the stunning sunset at Lorentzena Beach. The most certain thing is that Ios hides more beauties than just the endless partying.



The famous sunset view in Oia is one of the main attractions in Santorini, impressing and attracting numerous visitors every year! Her beaches differ from the other Greek islands due to their special geographical features, as Santorini was destroyed by a volcanic eruption 3.600 years ago. The most known bay is the Red beach, which features black and red volcanic pebbles and hot water. Other “must go” beaches are Kamari and Perivolos, the longest beach with black sand! The rocky and "sharp" architecture of the island, the picturesque sunsets and top restaurants, place Santorini as one of the most desirable destinations worldwide! Another worth-visiting spot is a Santorini winery, as the island is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the world!



If you are looking for something unique and unspoiled, then the small Cyclades may just be the best islands for your summer holidays. Some of the most popular are Schinoussa, Iraklia and Koufonisia, offering sandy beaches and true blue waters. Visit Tsigouri cove in Schinoussa for private swimming, explore the sunken aircraft of World War II in Alimia bay of Iraklia and get mesmerized by the natural beauty of Koufonisia. Feel the soft sand under your feet in Pori beach (Ano Koufonisi) and taste delicious Greek mezze in the local restaurants (Kato Koufonisi). 

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