The Dodecanese complex features sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, whereas visitors can explore important archaeological finds. Some of the most famous are the island of Rhodes, beautifully preserved throughout the centuries, boasting incredible beauty, picturesque Patmos, Symi, Leros, Kalymnos, Astypalea and Kos! Don't miss the chance to walk in the Old Town of Rhodes, visit the Monastery of Saint John in Patmos and stroll around the ancient Agora in Kos island! You will also find beautiful amazing bays with turquoise waters, for ultimate relaxation and fun with your family and friends! Not to be missed; a visit in the unspoiled small islands of Halki and Lipsi.



Patmos belongs to the Dodecanese group and is also known as the island of Apocalypse!!! History says that Saint John the Divine inspired the Book of Apocalypse in a cave of Patmos, therefore nowadays, lies the Monastery of Saint John, located just above Chora (the capital of the island). Patmos is a calm island with some amazing hotels by the sea. Walking in the island's cozy streets is a must! You can also taste delicious Greek mezze and drink tsipouro just next to the sea, with the waves just a little meters away from your feet. The best beaches for swimming are Petra and Agrio Livadi with the transparent crystal clear waters and the small pebbles. 



Leros is known from the Greek mythology as the island of Artemis, the goddess of forests and hunting. The island stands out for its peaceful and relaxing character, as well as its wonderful scenery with the hills, the hidden bays, the clean coasts, the pine-trees forests and the olive groves. Some of the best beaches are the popular Alinda beach and Agia Marina beach with the azure waters. Don't miss a visit to Pandeli, the fishing village with the old castle and the windmills. You will be fascinated by the several churches, many of them built on rocks right next to the sea. From Leros you can cruise to Archangelos island with the lovely sandy beaches.



Astypalea is a butterfly-shaped island, which is the meeting point between Dodecanese and Cyclades. The Venetian castle on the top of the island differentiates Astypalea from the rest of the Dodecanese islands, as it reminds visitors of an island that could have belonged to the Cyclades complex. As you walk through the path to the castle, you will see windmills, while overlooking the deep blue Aegean sea. Some of the island's best beaches are Livadia, Agios Konstantinos and Pera Gialos. Astypalea is a calm island and most of the beaches are unspoiled! If you cruise across the south side of the island, don't miss a stop in Dragon cave, a lovely natural attraction with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites of different colours, due to the mineral contents of the water.



Kos island is one of the biggest of the Dodecanese complex and known as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the "father of medicine". The Town is a mixture of Venetian and Ottoman architecture with interesting sightseeing! On the island, you can find many castles that will remind you of the medieval era. Kefalos and Paradise beach are two beautiful coves in the south part of the island, where visitors can enjoy swimming! From Kos you can cruise to Pserimos, a tiny island with charming landscapes, to Kalymnos with the long sponge making tradition and to Gyali, a small volcanic island.



Symi is a small island that presents one of the most impressive ports, as the islands' houses are build amphitheatrically on a hill. These colourful mansions will definitely attract your attention and call you wander between the small streets and alleys. It is famous for the sea sponge and ship building industry. The island has clean beaches and is famous also for the Monastery of Panormitis (on the southern side), one of its most iconic landmarks! Actually, you can combine a visit to the Monastery with swimming at Panormitis beach, a sandy coast with turquoise waters. Symi is ideal for couples and families! 



Rhodes is the biggest island of the Dodecanese, presenting a beautiful Venetian castle and amazing beaches for relaxation and water sports! Visitors should not miss a walk in the island's Old Town and a visit to the Marine Aquarium! Some of the island's best beaches are Faliraki, ideal for water sports, Kallithea with the medicinal springs and Prasonisi, a small peninsula, which creates two sandy beaches. Don't miss the chance to visit Lindos, a small village with the Acropolis on the top of a hill, ideal for stunning views and next to a wonderful swimming spot. From Rhodes you can also cruise to Halki, a small picturesque island with secluded bays.

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