Italy is popular for the unique cultural heritage and the sunny islands which are surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, the spectacular coastlines and the breathtaking mountains! Italy presents picturesque villages such as Portofino and Capri which are a perfect choise for your summer cruises! 



Elba, best known as the place where Napoleon was exiled, is the third largest island in Italy! It is a true natural paradise with emerald waters, rural landscapes and numerous beaches. Elba is surrounded by beautiful coral reef and is ideal for those who love scuba diving.  



Portofino presents a picturesque harbor with colorfully painted houses that line along the shore. Boutiques, art galleries, cafes and restaurants can be found among the narrow streets of Portofino. The magnificent church of St. George offers a wonderful view of the village. But the best view is from the lighthouse!



Amalfi was one of the oldest maritime stops in the world! Nowadays, it is a perfect seaside resort with exceptional cultural and natural scenery. The beautiful Cathedral of St. Andrew with the impressive staircase and the Paper museum that is housed in the oldest paper mill in Europe must be visited! 



Capri presents a delightful scenery with lively piazzas, street cafes, designer boutiques, Roman ruins and breathtaking seascapes. The most famous attraction is the Grotta Azzurra, a really unusual cave with bright blue waters!



Ischia, the “Green Island”, is the largest island in the bay of Naples. Its spectacular scenery with forests, vineyards, thermal waters and ancient monuments makes Ischia one of the most beautiful destinations, ideal for relaxation! One of the most remarkable attractions on the island is the Castle, Castello Aragonese.




Naples is the home of 2.500 years of art and architecture! Baroque churches, castles, underground ancient ruins and many museums are all over the city. Naples is not only famous for her cultural heritage but for her delicious cuisine as well! The original Neapolitan pizza margherita with mozzarella and tomatoes must be tasted!

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