With an enchanting mix of history, pristine beaches, panoramic views and beautifully colored homes, the Italian Riviera is one of the most spectacular seaside destinations in Italy. She presents amazing places to visit with your family and friends, yet it will be really difficult to choose, as there are many hidden corners that worth exploring. Magnificent Portofino will surely enthusiast you with the pretty buildings and the traditional vineyards that surround the harbor. Enjoy a fresh fish dinner in the Italian restaurant Puny, facing the picturesque port of Portofino. 

You should definitely explore the unusual cave of Grotta Azzurra in Capri or go for shopping at the elegant boutiques that Capri presents. Visit Amalfi for exceptional cultural and natural sceneries and drink limoncello liqueur from the sweet lemons that exist in the area. Don't miss; the health benefits of the hot springs in Ischia and the unparalleled sunset view from the Castel Sant' Elmo in Naples. 



Portofino presents a picturesque harbor with colorfully painted houses that line along the shore. Boutiques, art galleries, cafes and restaurants can be found among the narrow streets of Portofino. The magnificent church of St. George and the Brown Castle, offer a wonderful view of the village. But the best view is from the lighthouse! Portofino is also a Regional Park. Explore the Mediterranean vegetation, as you hike on the paths next to the coast or in the forest. Some of the best beaches are Paraggi beach, a little bay with emerald waters and the secluded Niasca beach. If you like diving, don’t miss the chance to dive in San Fruttuoso bay, a famous diving spot, where you will see a bronze statue of Christ with open arms!



Elba, best known as the place where Napoleon was exiled, is the third largest island in Italy! Featuring the Mediterranean climate with the hot summer days, she definitely deserves a summer visit with your yacht. The island presents many unspoiled hamlets, a fortress from another era, fish restaurants with fresh seafood and local specialties and a beautiful aquarium. The sea lovers will find there a true natural paradise with emerald waters, rural landscapes and numerous beaches for every taste. In the north-west side of the island visit Capo Sant’ Andrea, a small bay which is a combination of sea and mountain. It is like an island in an island with rich flora and fauna, both on land and underwater. Prepare your snorkeling equipment and explore the pristine waters. At the end of the day, admire the colorful shades of the sky, while watching a spectacular sunset. 



Ischia, the “Green Island”, is the largest island in the bay of Naples. Its spectacular scenery with forests, vineyards, thermal waters and ancient monuments makes Ischia one of the most beautiful destinations, ideal for relaxation! The soft sand and the sparkling under the sunshine waters, promise some moments of serenity away from the crowds. As a volcanic island, you can also try some health treatment at the various spas and wellness centers. One of the most remarkable attractions on the island is the Castle Aragonese. Before leaving Ischia, don’t forget to buy a bottle of limoncello, a smooth liqueur made of local lemons.




Naples is the home of 2.500 years of art and architecture! Baroque churches, castles, underground ancient ruins and many museums are all over the city. The medieval Castel Nuovo, the Museo di Capodimonte, Naples’ Cathedral, the church Gesu Nuovo and Piazza Bellini with the significant history, are some of the most popular spots. Naples is not only famous for her cultural heritage but also for her delicious cuisine as well! The original Neapolitan pizza margherita with mozzarella and tomatoes should be definitely tasted! Some of the best beaches near Naples are Miseno, Miliscola and Gaiola, ideal for carefree moments next to the sea!



Capri is one of Italy’s most beautiful islands and a must-see destination! Drink a morning coffee in the main square, Piazzetta, go for shopping to the various boutiques and walk down to the street of Via Tragara, while admiring the shimmering waters of the sea. As Capri has few beaches, most of them with pebbles and surrounded by cliffs, get the chance and dive in the Mediterranean azure waters from your yacht. Marina Grande is the largest beach on the island, yet Palazzo a Mare and Marina Piccola are also worth a visit. The most famous attraction is the Grotta Azzurra, a really unusual cave with bright blue waters! At the end of your day, enjoy a romantic sunset from Punta Carena lighthouse, where the sun sinks into the Mediterranean.



Amalfi coast should definitely be included in your list of destinations worth to be visited, once in your life. Imposing cliffs, colorful villages and towns, crystal clear waters, breathtaking views and unspoiled landscapes, are some of her landmarks that will excite you. Amalfi was one of the oldest maritime stops in the world! Nowadays, it is a perfect seaside resort with exceptional cultural and natural scenery, full of charming bays and hidden beaches. The beautiful Cathedral of St. Andrew with the impressive staircase and the Paper Museum that is housed in the oldest paper mill in Europe, must be visited. For stunning photos with a sea view background, follow the legendary Path of the Gods or go to Fiordo di Furore, the only fjord in Italy. And for the end; visit the Valle delle Ferriere, a beautiful valley with great natural value, where you will find numerous species of plants and waterfalls.

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