Charter guide

Explore exciting destinations worldwide in full comfort and luxury. Our team of brokers will guide you accordingly to find your dream yacht for an unforgettable cruising experience.

How to charter?

You can inform our brokers which is the charter destination that you prefer to cruise, the dates that you would like to charter and for how many guests. We suggest to book at least 6-7 months in advance, as there is a wider variety of available yachts to choose from and occasionally, some special offers for early bookings. 

As soon as the yacht has been chosen, and all other details have been confirmed (embarkation, disembarkation port, the dates, etc.), then you will be requested to sign the MYBA Charter Agreement to confirm your booking.

MYBA Agreement and payment terms

The type of contract that is used is produced by M.Y.B.A. (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association). To confirm your booking after signing, the payment of the 50% of the charter fee (1st installment) will be required. The balance of the charter fee plus the VAT (if any), the APA and any other agreed expenses such as delivery/redelivery fees (if any), security deposits (if any) etc., will be requested to be paid one month prior to the embarkation date.

What does the charter rate include?

The charter rate includes the yacht hire, the crew & crew's food & insurance. The brokerage commissions are also included on the charter fee.

What is APA?

The charter rate does not include the guests' food, drinks and beverages, fuel consumptions, gasoline for the water toys, the VAT, any local agent's fees, and any communication fees. Laundry is also not included on the charter fee (unless otherwise agreed). For these additional expenses, you will be requested to pay an extra amount called APA (advanced provisioning allowance) which is usually the 30-35% of the charter fee. The crew can then prepare the vessel in advance, in terms of fuel and food provisioning prior to the embarkation (the food and drinks' selection is based on the preference sheet that guests will be requested to complete).

The captain who will be responsible for the use of the APA will inform the Charterer at the end of the charter (or during the charter) for the APA balance, presenting all possible receipts. Should the APA finish before the end of the charter, Charterer will be requested to make an additional payment. If there is a refund, the Captain will reimburse with the relevant amount cash and prior to the Charterer's disembarkation.

How much is the VAT?

The VAT is different from country to country and varies depending on the cruising area. The Greek VAT is currently 12% on top of the charter fee and 9,2% for the commercially registered yachts. For any local VAT's or further information, please do not hesitate to contact our charter team. 

Which period is high and which is low?

High rate is normally for July/August period and any other special events such as the Cannes Film festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, Christmas and New Year.
Low season is the rest of the period.
Additional information 
Your Captain will give you a full safety briefing upon embarkation. If you have any questions regarding your safety, please do not hesitate to ask the Captain or any member of the crew.
Please try to bring soft luggage, as storage for hard luggage is always limited on yachts.
High heeled and hard shoes cannot be worn on yachts as they damage the teak decks. You can bring shoes for onshore excursions but you will be required to remove them when boarding the yacht.
As everyone knows, the sun can be dangerous particularly on yachts where the sun is constantly reflected off of the surface of the sea. Most yachts will provide sun cream, but we would highly recommend you bring any specific brands, or SPF strengths which you may need. Please avoid oil-based creams as they stain the decks.
Crew gratuity
Gratuities are left solely at the Charterer’s discretion and they are a direct way of expressing the Charterer's satisfaction in regards to the service he has received.

We suggest a gratuity calculated between 10% and 15% of the contracted Charter Fee, on condition that the crew has given excellent service.